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Please consult http://couchwiki.org/en/China#Visas_and_Permits

The information about visas in Travelchinaguide.com is good (I wrote it! (Nomadicman) but it's maintained by the organisation). The following list of agents are not endorsed by CS and are simply links not recommendations. (

Hong Kong Agents

Japan Travel Agents (!!!!)

Forever Bright trading Ltd

Sunrise International Travel Co.

Shoestring Travel

Hong Kong Zhong De Services

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Paul TrundleyPaul Trundley moderator I have quite a bit of experience of Chinese visas 01/23/2009
Louis HuoLouis Huo moderator I am a visa consultant in beijing ,i can provide latest chinese visa information. 08/30/2009
Isa BulleIsa Bulle i want to have a longer visa for study paint but outside university 11/02/2012
Sattar AzarmahSattar Azarmah 05/10/2013
!z!z 10/23/2011
EISNACKENEISNACKEN I do a lot of travelling to China, i got much experience to give in that. 09/08/2010
Tini SantoTini Santo I'm travelling to China via Kazhakhstan and need advise 10/04/2012
Marbella Hernadez Marbella Hernadez i will go to china 04/16/2013


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