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Italian Adriatic surfing network


This group is born to help people that wanna discover Eastern Coast of Italy from Cesena to Bari!!!
Have a look to our wiki page to know who are in and ready to host u :-)

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Created: Jul 14, 2008
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Giampiero Calabrese Giampiero Calabrese moderator 07/14/2008
Francesca ScortichiniFrancesca Scortichini Living in that region, I can help everyone to discover it! 09/09/2011
Gianpaolo Lorusso Gianpaolo Lorusso Potevo mancare? Naaaaaoooo 07/21/2008
Giuliano e Loredana Torelli Giuliano e Loredana Torelli Because I live on the Adriatic Coast! 01/17/2012
Massimiliano BuonoMassimiliano Buono Often there! 11/12/2012
MrintownMrintown 01/17/2012
Mariya and Dmitriy UrvancevyMariya and Dmitriy Urvancevy 03/07/2013
Nicolas DuboisNicolas Dubois 08/21/2012


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Trani area!Ed Hanna1  04/05/2014
PESCARA (MATTA) - Spettacolo teatrale e ospitalità per gli artistiMassimiliano Buono-  11/12/2012
couch or garden to camp between and Pescara and Lecce?Aleg Ria-  07/10/2012
We like to house and petsit this spring and summerCatania1  06/08/2011
I miei primi 10 Giorni in Italia! =)Max Grieco1  01/19/2011
Bertinoro's Hospitality Festival il prossimo week endGianpaolo Lorusso1  09/10/2010
most beautiful beach wanted!ANIKAEANI3  08/29/2010
Bertinoro's Hospitality Festival 3-5 settembre (save the date)Gianpaolo Lorusso-  08/19/2010
hitchike Trieste-Sovenia-Croatia-BiH 1-15th JulyRūta Strolytė-  05/02/2010
are you looking for homesitters and petsiters ?Giovanna Ro-  03/29/2010
Food say bye to RobertoFREEEXPLORER-  12/03/2009
Looking for cheap boat from Ancona/Pescara to greece ?Seb Gaubusseau-  08/25/2009
Vacation Exchange group is born for UP ON ALL Tolerant SpiritSCatania-  05/27/2009
CS AID FOR ABRUZZO: May30th and 31th WE'LL BE IN L'AQUILAGiampiero Calabrese-  05/20/2009
the 21st of March: a barbecue on the Adriatc to welcome the springFRASABA1  03/20/2009
PAGANELLO 2009Gianpaolo Lorusso-  03/13/2009
Super FREE Party 4 My BirthDAY!!! :) GREGORY :)Gregory Rossi-  03/02/2009
Welcome to everybodyGiampiero Calabrese31  03/02/2009
Pescara Group 1st Birthday: meeting in the Majella National ParkFRASABA-  02/12/2009
Bicycle trip around italy ! Some tips ?Seb Gaubusseau6  02/07/2009
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