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Viva con Agua de St.Pauli


Viva con Agua is an open network with its base in Hamburg and if you think water is life and the most important resource we have on our lovely planet - join this group to enlarge the idea of Viva con Agua!

Wata is Life

Viva con Agua
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About Viva con Agua:
Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli is a charity based organisation located in St. Pauli/Hamburg campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide.

Viva con Agua is the official charity project from FC St. Pauli football club. Viva con Agua was established by Benjamin Adrion, a former FC St. Pauli player.(2004-2006).

To raise money, Viva con Agua isn't simply asking you for it (nevertheless - you are still more than welcome to make donations!). Instead, we organise various events such as concerts and parties so you can have fun whilst raising money for a good cause.

If you want to support us in any way or form, contact us!

How can YOU support Viva con Agua?

Set up your own charity event for Viva con Agua! Organise a fundraising party or event, charity concerts, or raise money in any other way that you want. Be creative! Viva con Agua is an open network in which you can realize your ideas!

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Created: Jul 15, 2008
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WUKKWUKK moderator 07/15/2008
Tim WuttigTim Wuttig moderator 07/16/2008
Elisabeth FiedlerElisabeth Fiedler 01/05/2014
Sandra TackeSandra Tacke I love the initiative of Viva con agua. Water is life, life is water! 04/06/2013
Veronika EhingerVeronika Ehinger Love and love to support VcA! 05/31/2011
ANIKKIANIKKI Viva con Agua is just great. I'm active in the "Stuttgarter Zelle" and I would like to continue in autumn after moving till Hamburg 04/14/2012
MelJayHHMelJayHH Would like to join good projects in Hamburg 03/27/2014
Darjusch BuchmannDarjusch Buchmann i want to participate in viva con agua in Hamburg 02/16/2014


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