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With its multifarious and often embittered history, incredible architecture and rich cultural heritage, Hungary's capital deserves its reputation as the 'Paris of Eastern Europe'. It has a complex identity, somewhere between Western luxury and simple traditions.

The city straddles a gentle curve in the Danube. It has broad avenues, leafy parks and elaborate bathhouses. It also has a turn-of-the-century feel to it, for it was then - during the industrial boom and the capital's heyday - that most of the city was built.

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Joacim Häggmark Joacim Häggmark moderator 07/26/2011
Song ZhaoSong Zhao moderator 08/17/2005
Mila LiudmilaMila Liudmila I am going to 03/28/2014
Joshua RussellJoshua Russell Looks like an interesting spot, it would be cool to see what it's all about. 03/11/2014
Viki AndoViki Ando I live in Budapest 05/08/2010
Agape SzkárosiAgape Szkárosi i am budapestoise 11/09/2006
Petra BallagóPetra Ballagó this is my beautiful hometown ;) 03/06/2014
Giovanni ManisGiovanni Manis I'm in Budapest since yesterday and I'd like to meet new people ;) 02/02/2013


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