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Berlin CS Event Photos


Want to share your Berlin CS group event pictures with the community?

Post a brief description of the event with the date and link on this thread...

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Created: Jul 24, 2008
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Paul Vachier Paul Vachier moderator 07/24/2008
Jens SchmidtJens Schmidt 11/01/2008
Kunal mithril Vinod ChoksiKunal mithril Vinod Choksi cause i live in berlin from time to time 10/03/2010
Ollie TupmanOllie Tupman I like these photo things. 09/17/2008
Alejandro Ilukewitsch Alejandro Ilukewitsch Visiting Berlin 01/16/2012
Fabio LombardelliFabio Lombardelli Just moved to Berlin! 02/13/2013
Don ShineDon Shine See and share photos 08/05/2008
Mamiko AbeMamiko Abe I'll vist to Berlin in Next month and say 2 or 3 nights :) 11/26/2011


Group Posts

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  Title By Replies Date
CouchSurfing Berlin meetingDon Shine-  12/11/2012
Reminder for Soap Bubble Party / World Record AttemptPiotr Szczeniowski-  08/04/2011
Soap Bubble Party / World Record AttemptPiotr Szczeniowski-  07/31/2011
14 September 2008 - Beelitz HeilstättenPaul Vachier4  05/12/2011
color film for saleAL-SIQILLI-  11/18/2010
Someone wants to organize a photoshooting in Oktober?ANTONIOCASS3  10/06/2010
Photo StudioLisa DUCRET-  07/22/2010
Invisible Poeple-Berlinale BackstageDanijela Valjan-  04/14/2010
Searching for a couch ;) :)Joanna Golec-Islam-  02/22/2010
CAMon at My frist expo IN BErLin!!!Francesca Del Giudice-  02/14/2010
Weekend 19th and 20thAndré Santos1  09/27/2009
CS BBQ - Volkspark - June 27th 2009Don Shine-  06/30/2009
Important Notice about changes to the Berlin groupOllie Tupman-  05/05/2009
Photos of 61st Official CS Meeting - 19th December @ ''Belushi's"Barry Hott-  12/31/2008
31 October 2008 - 55th CS Meeting and Halloween PartiesPaul Vachier-  11/01/2008
Climbing Trees - PicsSandra Meisinger-  10/14/2008
And another Beelitz AlbumFLOW_BERLIN-  09/19/2008
14-09-2008 Even more Beelitz Photos :)Ollie Tupman-  09/17/2008
More Beelitz photosKira and Tony Hagen-  09/16/2008
31 aug 2008: Staatsoper für alleMETAWILM-  09/12/2008
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