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Emergency couch request in Nantes


Need an emergency host in Nantes?
Join this group!
Want to host people in Naoned?
Join this group!

If you are looking for a last minute host this is the place for you!

Please only use this group as a last resort and not for general requests as doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the group

If you do not need an emergency host we encourage you to use the CouchSearch tool
provided by the CS webpage.

Here is a link with tips on how to write a couchrequest :
and some general CS info : www.couchsurfing.com/wiki/Cheat_Sheet

Members: 578
Created: Jul 29, 2008
Type: Public

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Clement Lucas Clement Lucas I have a double size bed available anytime in the year so emergency doesn't frighten me ! 10/31/2013
Vince BAISNEE Vince BAISNEE Want to help and meet people =) 08/24/2011
Clarisse BénotClarisse Bénot 08/03/2013
Sylvain MontalSylvain Montal I don't often know when I'll be home at night. I have a couch and ready to share it ! 08/23/2013
OLIVIER_FRENCHYOLIVIER_FRENCHY Je vis à Nantes depuis peu 02/17/2014
Mostafa SafdariMostafa Safdari Need 1 nigth host in 3 days which I think is ergent :) 04/16/2014
Mathieu RENAUDEAU Mathieu RENAUDEAU 04/15/2014
Marion PoulainMarion Poulain I'm living in Nantes 12/07/2013