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Provides a platform to exchange ideas on all fitness issues with the aim of keeping each other motivated. So that we attain and maintain our optimum level of fitness. Don't hesitate to discuss ailments, for others might have some helpful hints.

Disclaimer: The forum has no professional refereeing.

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rajendra2008 rajendra2008 moderator 08/05/2008
Farnam MohebiFarnam Mohebi I wanna stay fit .. 06/15/2013
Desi Corriette Desi Corriette I do it everyday! 06/06/2013
Sandeep PariharSandeep Parihar i am a personal fitness trainer 06/18/2012
Sumanesh GuptaSumanesh Gupta Bcos I believe in staying fit!!! 08/13/2008
Daniel BarbozaDaniel Barboza 02/07/2014
Alejandro MediAlejandro Medi 01/15/2014
But & EvenBut & Even I enjoy n practice Fitness, Work out & Sports 06/06/2011


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