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For everyone who lives in Europe and speaks Russian or would like to learn or just communicate in Russian.

Dobro pozhalovat'!

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SODAPOPSODAPOP moderator 08/25/2005
Greg NjenadoGreg Njenado russian roots, living in amsterdam 11/19/2011
Ekaterina StupinaEkaterina Stupina 02/12/2013
Kseniya  LitvinenkoKseniya Litvinenko Just wanna find new people :) 04/06/2014
Viola KaydashViola Kaydash Live in Moscow. Traveling in Europe. 04/16/2014
Veronika MikhaylenkoVeronika Mikhaylenko I am Russian 11/17/2013
TOLGA KaTOLGA Ka 10/25/2013


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