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LAST MINUTE Couch Search - Hong Kong


If you've exhausted all resources to privately find a couch to Surf, then this would be the place to seek a LAST MINUTE request. (as in, less than 5 days I'd guess)
We're not snobs here in HK, but this IS a major tourist stop. We get a plethora of requests. But we're all CS members because we like to meet people who are interested in meeting US as well... not just being a 'landlord'. But we're happy to help out in a jam!

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Created: Aug 23, 2008
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Jio KangJio Kang To find a couch in HK! :D 07/20/2010
may Bemay Be 02/07/2014
Murat GeceMurat Gece I would be pleased if I can help 02/26/2013
Kelly Flores R Kelly Flores R Heading to HK 10/17/2013
Prince JohnPrince John To help ppl 01/07/2014
FlyinSky FlyinSky To help everyone discover HK 10/21/2008
CYN-LINGCYN-LING to help when i can 02/01/2011


LAST MINUTE beer or wine or cocktail1-