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This group was created to all couchsurfers who looking for work in Europe, also for tips and information about workvisa and general information

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Created: Aug 23, 2008
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Uliana CheUliana Che 04/08/2012
Yura LaZYura LaZ 01/18/2012
Marlon Castro Gomez Marlon Castro Gomez That would be nice 04/04/2014
Elena Anna SpagnuoloElena Anna Spagnuolo 09/13/2012
AbhimagdumAbhimagdum To share work expriences 04/17/2014
Pintero MendozaPintero Mendoza Europe is the place! 03/28/2014
Av ArcAv Arc trabajo en europa 04/07/2014


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Work in FranceFarah González-  10/09/2012
English writingFabienne Me1  10/08/2012
What country you recomended for to work?Gabo Yarrus1  10/08/2012
Italian guy looking for a job anywhere in EUMassimo Olivieri2  10/08/2012
Job Employment for engineers and architects .Fred Silas1  09/12/2012
looking for a job in sports industry...sudhir Jakhar-  09/07/2012
Invitation to free Grundtvig Workshop "Decided, so I'm - empowerment of woman over 50 years old"Daria Słonecka-  09/05/2012
Looking for side job during my study in Europeismarizal Satria1  08/11/2012
HELPWilson Ngando-  07/27/2012
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Looking for a job in EuropeKristina Mikhnevich-  04/28/2012
Short-term Summer ESL workperipateticmerkin-  03/10/2012
new group For Honest permanent living and Voluntary work search and info.Catania-  09/17/2011
What do you need to work in Europe - What area is most friendly for citizens from Mexico?Len R. Cruz1  08/27/2011
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