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"Road surfing"

is a way to move and share, a walk, a car, a moto, between two or three or more. Which is a way to talk and get new words, new visions, new ideas, but as well a way to save pollution, fuel, money, parking, driving and everything. Make new

“Friends of road”.

I like this idea because I’ve always travelled, walking, cycling, motobiking or “caring” (driving a car) and I loved sharing this moments with people I used to meet along the road.

If you like this idea, if you’re going to “San Francisco”, to Paris, or even “into the wild”, let us know! I’m sure there will be always someone interested in.

Have a look on http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covoiturage

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Created: Aug 25, 2008
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Julianne ZuccardiJulianne Zuccardi To seee if anyone is wlling to take a stragler like along for a trip. I make good playlists. 06/02/2009
Antonia DonevaAntonia Doneva 03/13/2013
Kat BrownKat Brown to surf, on the road... 07/30/2013
Gabriel  Leite de MoraesGabriel Leite de Moraes I am in paris and going to san francisco 02/25/2014
Bea StrautkalneBea Strautkalne 03/10/2014
Basel AlkhawajaBasel Alkhawaja SHould be cool. :) 06/10/2013
Anna Shabotynsky Anna Shabotynsky on the move 09/25/2010
Netta ElsnerNetta Elsner sounds really cool 03/03/2014