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Annandale and Fairfax


Annandale and Fairfax are forgotten cities. They appear far from Washington DC but are well deserved by public transportation and buses.

A bit of promotion for our area should generate some interest in the long run.

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Chris HarrisChris Harris moderator I am always spending time in both cities though I don't live there! 04/26/2010
Herbert Lui Herbert Lui moderator Meet up with local CS group 12/22/2009
Sarah SerticSarah Sertic I live in the fairfax area and would love to hang out with some new people. 05/06/2013
CICADAS CICADAS I live in Fairfax 03/06/2011
Andrea Yeash Andrea Yeash I live around here. 04/01/2014
Liz PrattLiz Pratt I really need to know who my cool neighbors are 11/30/2012


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Friday at Fat TuesdaysLiz Pratt2  12/13/2012
Looking to live/work in Fairfax, anyone mind hosting for a few months?Samantha Chavez1  12/06/2012
happy hour at Fat TuesdaysLiz Pratt-  12/04/2012
Hiking on SaturdayLiz Pratt-  11/30/2012
Live Irish Music in FairfaxLiz Pratt-  11/30/2012
1st Ever Ever Ever Albuquerque Couch Crash (Oct 4-7): Columbus Day Weekend - Save the DateASALI M.1  09/22/2012
Looking to hitch a ride...Anyone driving to DC this afternoon!?Trish Nguyen3  08/01/2012
Housing (or spare room) needed 6/23-7/28 (GMU/Fairfax Grad Student)Jesse Howe1  05/29/2012
Atlanta Couch Crash 2012Esperanza Riano-  02/24/2012
CINE CLASSICS Series - "Gone With the Wind"Esperanza Riano-  01/12/2012
Meet UpStephanie Maziejka2  01/10/2012
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