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Barra da Tijuca Couch Surfers and Hosts


We are a small, but growing group of Couch Surfers. Renan is the group lead and best person to ask questions. Adriano no longer lives in Barra, but his family still does, and is currently living in the US, with plans of returning in the near future with some good social projects to be implemented in the poorest communities in Rio.

As the World Cup and Olympics quickly approach, we will start getting bigger and bigger. We hope we can make a difference in the lives of many traveling to the area, and hopefully aid in finding hosts before, during, and forever after the games.

About the area:

Located in the west side of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca is one of the best and safest places to stay in Rio de Janeiro. With the best beaches in Rio for world class surfing, "Pepe" beach with the most beautiful people per square meter in the world (no joke!!), secured/gated condominiums, great shopping at "Barra Shopping", the best Jiu Jitsu school in the world "Barra Gracie", amazing night life, the 2014 World Cup, and 2016 Olympics makes Barra a great spot to be in Rio.

Find yourself a couch in a condominium and feel Barra da Tijuca!!



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Renan Viegas Renan Viegas moderator 06/28/2009
Cabrobrother Cabrobrother moderator Because I lived in and love Barra!! 09/04/2008
Luis.GustavoLuis.Gustavo I'll be working in Barra soon 10/31/2013
Fatima de Luzie Xavier CavalcanteFatima de Luzie Xavier Cavalcante I would like to improve my english with foreigners! 09/17/2011
Ostaiza Ostaiza I live at barra 01/24/2014
Alisson RegisAlisson Regis I`ve just moved to Barra to live 09/04/2011
Patricia KavalcoPatricia Kavalco I live in Recreio dos Bandeirantes 08/26/2013


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Flagged postsModerator 1  12/02/2011
Alguma coisa na Barra hoje?Diego Alvarez Araujo Correia-  02/11/2010
AbrilElitieri Neto1  02/06/2010
2010-01-29 - Batida no Oswaldo e show @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  01/28/2010
Looking for an apartment/ Procurando apDiego Alvarez Araujo Correia-  01/16/2010
looking for a couch in BarraDanica Kovacevic3  12/25/2009
2009-10-07 - Acoustic Cover Duo @ Downtown Shopping - Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  11/07/2009
Busco oportunidade de trab. doméstico na Barra ou ZS do Rio.Paulo V. M.1  11/01/2009
2009-09-12 - Plane exibition - French year in Brazil @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  09/11/2009
2009-10-24 - The Prodigy @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  09/09/2009
2009-11-24 - The Killers @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  09/09/2009
2009-11-24 - The Killers @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  09/09/2009
2009-11-05 - Faith No More @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  09/09/2009
2009-08-31 Art manifests @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  08/31/2009
Relocating to RioClinton Pickett1  08/26/2009
2009-09-10 - Rock show on Café Etílico @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  08/17/2009
2009-08-06 - Rock show on Café Etílico @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  08/01/2009
2009-07-29 - Beer time on Rosas @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  07/29/2009
2009-07-18 - Beer time @ Downtown ShoppingRenan Viegas-  07/18/2009
Festas Julinas - free options for that weekend (10,11,12) @ Barra da TijucaRenan Viegas-  07/08/2009
queiro conocer BarraClaudia Rossi5  02/19/2009
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