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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Melbourne!

Here's a bit of info you should read before you post here:

What is a last minute couch?

-A situation where your method of travel does not allow you to send a request in advance. (Not because you are disorganised and ill prepared).

- Your host canceled the couch in the last minute;
- After using the tool Couch Search, among thousands of hosts, you couldn't find any couch and this is your last week trying to get hosted;
- Other circumstances that you must include in your message.

Please, don't be lazy but instead use the Couch Search function
http://www.couchsurfing.org/mapsurf.html to look for a couch.

Hosts volunteer to do this. There is no obligation to host you, especially because it is last minute and hosts may have other commitments. Even though you have sent this out, look for alternative accomodation {link}.

For last minute couches, the selection criteria will be stricter than a normal couch request.

1. Profile must be complete.
2. At least 5 of 9 sidebars should be filled out.
3. Should have at least 3 legitimate photos.
If you are new and do not have a filled out profile yet, please do it now.
4. A good couch request must be written. It is the best guarantee of your success. We do not respond well to emotional blackmail.
5. We recommend a maximum stay of 2 days, unless re-negotiated between both parties. It is the surfer's responsibility to keep looking for a couch, and leave the host available for other last minute couch requests.

Please feel free to contact the moderator directly if you have any questions.

Also, I highly recommend joining the Melbourne group http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=707 to find events and people to hang out with.

Happy surfing!

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