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Welcome to Székesfehérvár group!
If you live here, if you love this city and want to visit it, join this group.

This is a not too big city, so we have no emergency/lmc group, so if u need help,post here, and we will help :)

The first royal seat of Hungary

Check out this for info on Székesfehérvár.

Do you like hitchhiking? - Székesfehérvár in the Hitchwiki

:-)Click for Szekesfehervar, Magyarország Forecast

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Misi HerczkuMisi Herczku moderator i like this city 06/16/2010
Angela Sulan Angela Sulan moderator 09/11/2008
Gábor ÁrvaiGábor Árvai 06/29/2012
Tamas Bodnar Tamas Bodnar 06/09/2011
KIKATAIKAKIKATAIKA because i live there 06/06/2011
Suzan SuziSuzan Suzi 03/15/2014
Gyozo SarkozyGyozo Sarkozy Born, grew up, and going through every day 03/18/2011


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