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Group Guidelines

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Some Basic Guidelines and Suggestions...11/09/2011 1
*In general, a last minute request should only be made within 72 hrs before your arrival, this is a common rule on most last minute groups. Please reply promptly when a host offers you a couch.

*Always start by making personalized couch requests and contact people directly. You may need to make a large number of requests before you get a 'yes', but that is normal. You can also do an Open Couch Request.

*See also: http://www.couchsurfing.org/tips.html and http://www.couchsurfing.org/solo_tips.html

*Contacting your hosts personally a week or two in advance is the best case scenario. It is up to the surfer to contact a host - Leaving your long distance phone number will not guarantee a return call, get a local sim card.

*Before posting in this group PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE A FULL PROFILE - It will increase your chances of getting a host. This means profile pictures and details about yourself, your interests etc. If you are traveling with someone else (a partner, friends, etc) it is preferable that they also have a CS profile. People without a profile pic or with no information about themselves may be removed from the group. People with negative references regarding harassment of other members may also be removed.

*For security reasons it is best not to post your phone number and other personal information on a public forum but to exchange it via PM - Private Message.

*Keep in mind that not everyone is open or able to host couples, groups or your "invisible  friends" - for safety reasons. Be sure to read your potential hosts profile before making a request. Yes, having friends and references helps - for both you and the host - :)

*State your time and date of arrival/departure and confirm with your host with a private message. If you have made other arrangements or found another host - It is recommended that you advise the hosts that have offered you a couch - This way they can be free to accept other CS requests. Let the group know as well, so people can stop offering you a space.

*People with Incomplete profiles/no photo maybe removed from the group; as well as those with negative references regarding harassment of other members to ensure safety. This is not a place for freeloaders to crash.

It's always good to have a Plan B...

*Try searching for a room @ http://hostelworld.com or http://hostels.com to get an idea of prices and location. It's often better to contact the hostel/hotel/guesthouse directly as opposed to using a third party site. This way if you can't find a couch, you'll have a second option. Because Yes, some hosts do cancel at the last min.