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Napa Valley, Wine Country and Surrounding areas


If you're from Napa Valley or places nearby, this is the place to find fellow Couchsurfers and organize meetings.

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Created: Sep 12, 2008
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THAT-GUYTHAT-GUY moderator 09/12/2008
Sam RavennaSam Ravenna Last minute couch search! 12/11/2013
Oscar LopezOscar Lopez Live here! 01/30/2013
Eric  Wager Eric Wager Moving to Napa! 08/27/2013
Kathy Bliss Kathy Bliss To meet local couch surfers 02/09/2012
Markéta MrázováMarkéta Mrázová =] 04/12/2014
yann Salie yann Salie going to napa 04/16/2012
Avan CurranAvan Curran Need a place to stay 01/15/2014


Napa Valley CS meetup group!112247

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Late notice Couch request....THIS WEEK..anywhere in Wine Country.Tom Gregory1  11/07/2010
possibly looking for couchCarly Webb2  10/19/2010
volunteering in the galapagosJon Jared1  06/11/2010
Housing locations in Freestone (russian river valley)Nico Espenschied-  05/29/2010
Sunday June 20, picnic MEETING in ElkBEAUTYFUL_WORLD-  04/22/2010
Neon/Blacklight PartyLara Buck-  03/27/2010
Sunday Exploring Pt Reyesshellerae-  03/04/2010
Nice littles roads, places to see?BEAUTYFUL_WORLD3  02/02/2010
No Second Sunday Meetup this monthTHAT-GUY1  01/22/2010
Travelling through, looking for a couchCaitlin Rough-  01/18/2010
Short Notice: Anyone want to see "Rethinking Afghanistan" tonight?THAT-GUY-  12/06/2009
November: Napa Invasion of Sonoma CountyTHAT-GUY-  10/29/2009
CS Goes ShootingTHAT-GUY-  10/21/2009
Bay Area Invades Sonoma County!!Lara Buck1  10/20/2009
Zombie Wassailshellerae-  10/10/2009
October: Napa Second Sunday Meetup (FLEET WEEK!)THAT-GUY-  10/08/2009
Couch requestJoseph Smith-  10/05/2009
Cajun in Napa, anyone?Kathleen Thomas Morris1  09/25/2009
grape pickingMatt F1  09/23/2009
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