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The wise blind elf is a group of people that likes to play boardgames, wargames, role playing games, card games and chess in Barcelona.

But be aware, don't look in the eyes of the wise elf!

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Created: Sep 21, 2008
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Alessio CaroneAlessio Carone moderator 09/21/2008
Salva BarconsSalva Barcons 11/13/2011
Ricardo Silva Ricardo Silva CS Meeting 04/07/2011
Hugo DíazHugo Díaz I like board games! 11/01/2011
ELISABIKEWORLD ELISABIKEWORLD because I love boardgames 09/01/2012
Monika VarelaMonika Varela I'd love to play boardgames! I don't know of anyone who plays them! Now I do! 04/23/2009
CAFEBARCELONA25CAFEBARCELONA25 let's have fun 11/17/2011
ERNIE-HAMBURGERNIE-HAMBURG Because life is a game and games are life 01/13/2011


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St. Valentine Boardgame night!!!Alessio Carone-  02/14/2014
Sunday Beer and Board Games Meeting (08/09, 18:30)Martijn CS-  09/07/2013
Chess and go ?Jack Sheffield.-  09/06/2013
New board game project: BauwerkYoda Zhang-  04/16/2013
board games today ?ismael-zou-  03/11/2013
Sunday beer and board games meeting (10/03)Rosa Sekouri1  03/10/2013
Is anyone up for board games in this rainy day ??ismael-zou4  03/06/2013
Poker/ChessFlemming Andersen-  03/01/2013
Sunday beer and board games meeting (24/02)Martijn CS-  02/23/2013
Sunday beer and board games meeting (10/02)Martijn CS-  02/09/2013
Beer and Board Games, Sunday 02/02/13, 18:30Rosa Sekouri-  02/03/2013
Board Games and Drinks on Fri 01/FebKonkat Gmx2  02/01/2013
Beer and Board Games, Sunday 27/01/13, 18:30Rosa Sekouri2  01/27/2013
Beer and Board Games, Sunday 13/01, 18:00Martijn CS1  01/26/2013
Boardgames facebook group (related to this forum)Jordi Poveda-  01/04/2013
Beer and Board Games, Sunday 30/12, 18:30Harold Z.1  12/30/2012
Beer and Board Games, Sunday 23/12, 18:30Jordi Poveda-  12/20/2012
Beer and Board Games, Sunday 16/12, 18:30Martijn CS-  12/14/2012
New Facebook group for organising board gamesMartijn CS-  12/10/2012
Beer and Board Games, Sunday 09/12, 18:30Martijn CS1  12/06/2012
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