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CSTO Market: free. buy. sell. trade.


Do you have something you want to give away? Do you need to borrow a tent or sleeping bag? Are you leaving Toronto and want to sell your bicycle? This is the group for you!

This group can be used to offer or request an item or service. Offers and requests may be for free, buy, sell, trade or borrow. Please be clear in the subject line the type of transaction that is expected.

For example:
- FREE – Microwave
- FOR SALE – Used apartment furniture
- LOAN – Camping equipment available
- TRADE – German language lessons for meals
- WANTED – Cheap/free camping equipment

In accordance with the CS Terms of Use, this group is NOT to be used for advertising or soliciting business commercial gain unless in response to a request (ie: if someone is looking for used furniture and you own a furniture store then it is fine to respond indicating that you have a store that may meet the need but you should be clear that you are the owner of the store).

Please note: If you are looking to sell, you may have better luck with eBay, Craigslist or kijiji. If you are going to post something for sale here; please keep it to things surfers may need ie: bus ticket, a car for a road trip, a bicycle or (discounted) concert tickets.

This is just a space for people to post.. CS & CS:Toronto does not take responsibility for any purchases made between surfers.

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AMUISED AMUISED moderator who doesn't like free stuff? :0) 11/24/2008
Roxanne N.Roxanne N. Free stuff would help as out of job. Have thing to give away/trade. 04/06/2014
JOSHJOSH JOSHJOSH buy, sell trade, give, get 01/14/2012
MATLDMATLD 01/27/2010
Miguel MaiquezMiguel Maiquez Reuse and recycle! 04/18/2014
Anastasia MelentevaAnastasia Melenteva 10/23/2013
Desmond  RodriguesDesmond Rodrigues Give and take.... great idea 02/21/2011


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Flagged postsModerator 1  03/28/2011
free ladies bicycleDesmond Rodrigues4  04/19/2014
iPhone 4 to sellJOSHJOSH2  04/10/2014
Free old-school Ikea Loveseat/sofa bedJOSHJOSH1  04/05/2014
Vintage 1940s Women's Suit Jackettownsteph-  03/21/2014
Brand NEW BURTON SnowboardLenkaMacajova2  03/10/2014
FREE ToasterRob Gomes-  03/08/2014
free: ski+pole + bootsFred Lopez3  02/26/2014
sale: books, dvd suitcaseFred Lopez3  02/12/2014
Cell Phone NeededJOSHJOSH3  01/30/2014
WANTED: MODEMTaste-Tester-of-Life3  01/16/2014
Faux Leather Futon Couch for Sale $150Nanner-  12/14/2013
Really Really Free Markettownsteph-  12/02/2013
FREE: Bedroom stufftownsteph-  12/02/2013
glass table for sale $70Shannon Fimio-  12/01/2013
SALE: Canon EOS 60D + lenses, batteries, mem cards, monopod etcKisse Ruuska-  11/24/2013
Sony Wega 30" TV for sale (plus the TV stand) $20Dong-Eun Raquel Lee3  11/22/2013
Free to Give Away: 3-Seater CouchDong-Eun Raquel Lee-  11/21/2013
WANTED Plants and potsShannon Fimio2  11/20/2013
Cellphone LG Optimus L9 P769 for sale!Carolina Guzmán-  11/18/2013
OFFERING: FREE Couch and Chairtownsteph2  11/11/2013
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