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New Zealand small towns and villages


New Zealand "off the beaten path" has so much to offer you! This group is for everyone wanting to travel in New Zealand small towns and villages, but also for CouchSurfers living in rural areas who want to promote their village and inform us about what's happening in their part of the world. It intends to develop CouchSurfing in rural New Zealand , to get more CouchSurfers visiting these regions, and more interested hosts. So, please introduce your village!

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Real Europe, small towns and villages

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HAYKEYHAYKEY moderator I visit these 02/07/2009
RICK.ROCK.ITRICK.ROCK.IT moderator I live in a Ghost Town off the Forbidden Highway 12/05/2008
wh1sper_NZwh1sper_NZ moderator To get share my thoughts 02/04/2009
Jaco StrydomJaco Strydom moderator Want to tour NZ on a mountain bike 01/20/2009
SMERSH SMERSH 01/08/2012
Leeanne MeikleLeeanne Meikle Small towns and villages are special and unique. Slow paced, quirky and the folk tend to have more time to sit and chat. 01/07/2012
Oceane GoddeOceane Godde I am looking to moved to NZ countryside 05/23/2013


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