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I can't believe that no one has made a group for this place! I'll get there one day!!

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Jansel BaranJansel Baran moderator 01/29/2009
Alper Gultekin Alper Gultekin moderator 10/25/2008
Robb PritchardRobb Pritchard moderator 10/05/2008
Marina KosenkovaMarina Kosenkova moderator 10/25/2008
Chris Taylor Chris Taylor I will be working in Zugdidi near Abkhazia later this year!! 02/14/2013
Luca CrivellariLuca Crivellari Interested in visiting 01/26/2014
Maja Vasic Maja Vasic I have a plan to come soon 03/06/2014
Farshad AhiFarshad Ahi 04/13/2011


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kutaisi -> suchumiSlawek Trznadel5  05/21/2013
September or October in Abkhazia? Travel buddy neededIlona Sokolowska2  10/08/2012
In Apsny 1-5 SeptemberPeace-Gulf-  08/27/2012
Irishman in Abkhazia - Aug 2012Gary Fallon1  08/11/2012
i'm going to Abkhazia in augustTATIANAV3  08/11/2012
helloCiftepugar Tea Farm-  08/02/2012
Who wants to join my little prince project? (Апринц хәыҷы)Shuri Tsukerman1  07/04/2012
Host/Accomodatıon/Camp ın Sukhumı?GREG21-  05/25/2012
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Visiting AbkhaziaDon Killian35  11/21/2011
J.Lennon:"" all we need is Love!!""Vladimir Nekhno-  10/25/2011
plc ,host by us!!Vladimir Nekhno-  09/29/2011
Russian/English/Persian ExchangePeace-Gulf4  09/10/2011
Abkhazia tourRUDSTER_MILLER4  09/07/2011
abkhazian recipes?Tonet and Aurora4  04/21/2011
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