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Hello everyone. This group is created for those who would like to exchange and learn Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture from native Chinese people! Anyone who's open-minded and passionate can join the group! Let's learn a new language! And let's share more different culture, so that we can understand the world much more better!

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Created: Sep 11, 2005
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Leo YeLeo Ye moderator 09/11/2005
Cheng SunCheng Sun 01/09/2014
Carlos MachadoCarlos Machado I love languages and I'm studying chinese in my city! 04/10/2014
Enrico CheeEnrico Chee To help anyone that would like to learn Mandarin as much as I can. 11/28/2012
Jess ZhangJess Zhang 12/14/2013
DieMustDieMust Why not 09/29/2012
Emily XuEmily Xu 我是中国人 04/17/2014
Ruchu AdhikaryRuchu Adhikary 04/17/2014


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