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UNT students and everyone else come and join this group where we can talk about how we can make this world a better place. Share your thoughts and ideas. Get to know people from all around the world. The only way to have world peace is to communicate with the entire world. SO... let a fellow CouchSurfer crash on your sofa and get to know different cultures, people and have fun.

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Created: Oct 7, 2008
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Page Barbalena Page Barbalena moderator 10/07/2008
James Martin James Martin moderator My School 06/15/2011
Valentina.ZapValentina.Zap My University! 05/08/2009
Sandra ZiadehSandra Ziadeh Attending for M.Ed in August 06/13/2013
Aaron Lerma Aaron Lerma 01/21/2011
Cal PirsigCal Pirsig I am attending UNT for one semester through National Student Exchange 08/28/2013
Daniel TDaniel T 04/27/2013



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