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Aachen is a German city close to the borders to Belgium and the Netherlands. Its history goes back to the Romans and its university has a good reputation. Most famous in Aachen is the cathedral. It was the second UNESCO world heritage inscribed (some say for a good reason). Cathedral A lot of people see Aachen as the root of the European Idea because Charlemagne (Charls the Great), the first emporer over Europe, received his crown in Aachen Cathedral. Later, this cathedral became his funeral place, so you can find an exhibition of his reliquary there.
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The French name for Aachen is Aix-la-Chapelle, the Dutch name is Aken. The old Latin name for Aachen is Aquisgranum.

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cs aachen Aachen community is famous for AIX - which is the Aachen International XMAS Meeting. It's on the second weekend every December. The upcoming AIX will be 6th edition: from 9th to 11th December. Find more details at the official TBA Some history: AIX 2010, AIX 2009, AIX 2008.

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Shirin ReinhardShirin Reinhard moderator Living in Aachen 12/30/2012
Nicole GrothNicole Groth moderator Living in Aachen 04/20/2010
Matheus Carneiro Fendel Matheus Carneiro Fendel moderator Because i will move in Juni to Aachen and live there for a few years 04/16/2011
Jan DifferdingJan Differding moderator 04/12/2011
Tobias BerlingTobias Berling 12/05/2013
Alexander Simon Alexander Simon Because I moved to Aachen 03/11/2012
KRYSSAUSBOCHUMKRYSSAUSBOCHUM going to study there yeah :D 05/17/2011
Thomas SchemmerThomas Schemmer Lebe auch in Aachen, hoffe ein paar Gleichgesinnte zu finden! 02/17/2013


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