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People who like Cooking in paris / Kitchen Parties !!!


This group was created to connect everybody on CS who like to cook and organize cooking contests :-) (people who love to eat are also welcome ;) )
We've started the Kitchen Party movement: Gatherings in private apartments where people either bring things they've cooked or come early to cook together... and party in the kitchen, as the name suggests !!!

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Created: Oct 14, 2008
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MODAMMODAM moderator 10/14/2008
PariStierPariStier moderator why??? are you serious?? 06/16/2009
ANTILIENNEANTILIENNE moderator La parité n'est pas respectée dans ce groupe ;p 10/15/2008
laurentmplaurentmp 09/08/2013
Mario Brucker Mario Brucker For fun 10/04/2010
Manu CavemanManu Caveman I love cooking and I love cooking! 11/27/2010
PHILIPPE.75PHILIPPE.75 Love Food 05/06/2013
emi Wakamatsuemi Wakamatsu because I love cookin 04/15/2014


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