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This is a group for the language enthusiasts in Melbourne. After all, we all need language to communicate. :)

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Created: Oct 17, 2008
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Katherine  Katherine moderator Because I find language fascinating 02/05/2010
Lizi Lev Lizi Lev wanna improve my skills 01/19/2014
Randy Castilla Randy Castilla Hablo español ! Si señor ! ^^ 03/30/2009
Julia LoginovaJulia Loginova 04/16/2014
Vicky LinVicky Lin would like to meet someone who wanna learn Chinese 04/13/2014
KarenTwattKarenTwatt Want to learn Spanish and share my native English speaking skills 05/29/2013
maKo HmaKo H Love languages 01/22/2014
Pía SarasuaPía Sarasua Love languages! 04/05/2014


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Poll: German Conversion Meet-ups - FrequencyKATHRYN_0-  08/11/2013

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Flagged postsModerator 2  08/08/2011
Fortnight German Conversation Meet-UpKathryn Templar-  03/21/2013
Your English/My ItalianGiacomo D'Urbano3  03/17/2013
Dutch Dutch Dutch conversatieARTIST.OF.VAGRANCY5  03/16/2013
my french for your englishalexis Parez-  03/14/2013
My Korean/ Your English or JapaneseDustin Kim-  03/12/2013
My English (written or spoken) for your Hindi or Nepali (spoken)Trent Brown3  03/11/2013
Would exchange my English for your Spanish!Alex Quinn2  03/05/2013
My English for your VietnameseThuy Giang-  02/28/2013
Spanish language meeting this monday!Rosanna Powell2  02/27/2013
spanish english exchangeMARIAMIAMUSH10  02/27/2013
Trying to learn Indonesian!Alex Snell2  02/24/2013
English in Exchange for Japanese or Mandarin =^.^=Toma Casa5  02/21/2013
how to meet up around a coffeealexis Parez-  02/21/2013
Mi español por tu flamenco / my Spanish for your Flemish!Isabel Jiménez1  02/20/2013
IndonesianArian Sitara Alana15  02/19/2013
marhabaFayez KD-  02/12/2013
italian-english exchange?ALIANTOS-  02/10/2013
please teach me german, ill be your local tour guideScott Keays3  02/07/2013
learn korean with youtubeNils Ottermann-  02/07/2013
Looking for a German conversation group or to form one!Zoe Clarke13  01/30/2013