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Last minute couch in Portugal



This group is for everyone looking for a last minute couch in Portugal, and everyone that wouldn't mind last minute hosting.

When posting, please include the city/region in the subject line so that potential hosts don't have to systematically read all the posts to know if they can be of some help.

When subscribing, please answer the "why are you joining?" question with your location so that someone can look through the members to find hosts in the area they are looking for.

You don't have to post here, just click on the members' profiles and ask them individually.

Thanks a lot and happy surfing!

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Created: Oct 27, 2008
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Cesar Cesar moderator 10/27/2008
Liz BaldiLiz Baldi I'm apparently a last-minute person.. 09/01/2013
Diogo VazDiogo Vaz 10/29/2013
Daniel DiasDaniel Dias im a host:) 09/05/2013
Shervin GilaniShervin Gilani I am going to Portugal in th near future. 03/11/2014
Nadia VolkovaNadia Volkova 04/10/2014
Miguel Rato Miguel Rato might be able to help folks by 08/23/2011
Carlos Alejandro Barreto CortesCarlos Alejandro Barreto Cortes Last minute travel to 03/24/2014


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