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hiking in Hong Kong


If you go to Hong Kong , you can enjoy nature walk & see the beautiful scenery

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Tyle NgTyle Ng moderator I like hiking & outing activiting:) 11/03/2008
Maximilian DavidMaximilian David 05/14/2013
Felipe Miranda Felipe Miranda 02/13/2013
YEEMINGYEEMING I like hiking and use to hike regular 10/29/2011
Cheryl YungCheryl Yung like hiking :) 10/05/2013
RTSERTSE 06/12/2012
Peter LeungPeter Leung Coz I love hiking and im HKer 08/09/2013
Angel KongAngel Kong 05/04/2013


Group Posts

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W.E.T ~ 13/5(Sun) Hiking (Sai Kung East Dam / Long Ke Beach)Tyle Ng-  05/07/2012
DAY TRIP TO THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS - Every Month {27 MAY 2012}JAMAL Heart Of Gold-  05/06/2012
Watch firefly in Tai Po KauMandy Tang-  05/06/2012
DAY TRIP TO THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS - Every Month {29 April 2012}JAMAL Heart Of Gold-  04/23/2012
W.E.T ~ 15/4(Sun) Hiking (Tung Chung to Tai O)Tyle Ng1  04/10/2012
DAY TRIP TO THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS - Every Month {29 April 2012}JAMAL Heart Of Gold-  04/01/2012
DAY TRIP TO THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS - Every Month {25 March 2012}JAMAL Heart Of Gold-  03/18/2012
Night Hike @ Tai Mo Shan on 31/12 for 1 Jan 2012 SunriseTrianne Chan2  03/18/2012
Night journey in Easter?Nelson Tsang-  03/18/2012
W.E.T ~ 18/3(Sun) Hiking (Sai Kung Pyramid Hill)Tyle Ng-  03/09/2012
Sunday 4 March - anyone want to go for a 1/2 day hike?Nick McIntosh6  03/03/2012
Hiking in Po Toi Island on 25/2Mandy Lam9  02/27/2012
Hiking in Lantau next MondayWing Tai Cheng4  02/14/2012
W.E.T ~ 26/2(Sun) Hiking (Sai Kung Pyramid Hill)Tyle Ng1  02/14/2012
Starting a marvelous walk at local dim sum housePUI.CHAN19  02/13/2012
Hiking Feb 1, 2 or 3?Jonathan McCall1  01/31/2012
Hakka catholic small islandPUI.CHAN2  01/23/2012
Historic hikesPUI.CHAN21  01/19/2012
hike and camp in Sai KungJienriya Lee1  01/17/2012
HIKING around HK 1/6, 1/9 OR 1/10?chachasieven-  01/05/2012