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hiking in Hong Kong


If you go to Hong Kong , you can enjoy nature walk & see the beautiful scenery

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Tyle NgTyle Ng moderator I like hiking & outing activiting:) 11/03/2008
Maximilian DavidMaximilian David 05/14/2013
Felipe Miranda Felipe Miranda 02/13/2013
YEEMINGYEEMING I like hiking and use to hike regular 10/29/2011
Cheryl YungCheryl Yung like hiking :) 10/05/2013
RTSERTSE 06/12/2012
Peter LeungPeter Leung Coz I love hiking and im HKer 08/09/2013
Angel KongAngel Kong 05/04/2013


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W.E.T. (World Exchange Team) 世界交流站~ Hiking (20/11/11)Tyle Ng-  11/09/2011
W.E.T. (World Exchange Team) 世界交流站~ Hiking (20/11/11)Tyle Ng-  11/09/2011
Lantau Peak sunrise on Sun, 30th of OctIza Spaleniak23  10/30/2011
Sunday easy hike, Shek OJK Zhang-  10/21/2011
from Amah Rock to Lion Rock a walk through the Lion Rock country park 25/10/11Anne Carole Laborde-  10/19/2011
W.E.T ~ 23/10(Sun) Hiking (Sai Kung Tai Long Sai Wan)Tyle Ng2  10/18/2011
Ping Shan and Wetland park on Friday 14/10/2011Anne Carole Laborde2  10/06/2011
Oct 10-12Jas Boh1  10/02/2011
Hello everyone!Gil and Stan Brezhnieva-  10/01/2011
Hiking Trip This Weekend - Saturday or SundayESTARIOL10  09/03/2011
W.E.T ~ 10/5(Tue) Hiking (High West)Tyle Ng-  05/04/2011
Hiking - 4/9 (sat) The MacLehose Trail - stage 1 and stage 2.Lewis Hung-  04/06/2011
Backpacking at Lantau IslandLouise Tsang1  03/28/2011