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This group will combine information about all art related events in Berlin. This will be especially true for anythign around contemporary art events, art museums, galleries etc. Also it's supposed to connect art-interested Berliners and travellers. Please feel free to join and enjoy the largest art scene in Europe with right now 650+ galleries and art projects, many good museums and interesting people.

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KOOLKARMA KOOLKARMA moderator 11/03/2008
Jukka HyytiäinenJukka Hyytiäinen to post and receive information 09/14/2012
Aleksandra OlszewskaAleksandra Olszewska want to spend time in berlin in more alternative way 04/12/2014
LenaLuggageLenaLuggage So many events & art lovers in Berlin! 05/14/2013
margarita_sophiamargarita_sophia 04/14/2014
M_O_N_I_Q_U_I_T_AM_O_N_I_Q_U_I_T_A 03/14/2013
ALILEOALILEO Love art Love Berlin love art in Berlin 04/14/2014
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Looking for a gallery to make a exhibitionStefkaninchen-  04/18/2014
Helmut Newton ExhibitionALILEO-  04/14/2014
15.4. Vernissage at Galerie PleikuJukka Hyytiäinen-  04/13/2014
Call for works, until 15.04.2014: „DIE KUNST, DAS MATERIAL UND DIE NACHHALTIGKEIT“ (The art, the material and the sustainability)Javier Lanzac-  04/02/2014
REPARATURKULTUR (REPAIRINGCULTURE). Artist Talk / Kunstler gesrpächt.GG3 Arts and other Sustainabilities.Javier Lanzac-  04/01/2014
Vernissage 1.4. HELLO SISTERS - Heli TuhkanenJukka Hyytiäinen-  03/30/2014
looking for music, art, visual events april 1st-5th! :)Zoey Vero-  03/30/2014
hello Berlin! group of polish students is looking for others to realise the extra project!Paulina Wojdyna-  03/28/2014
GG3 Arts and Sustainability. Opening Exhibition: Reparaturkultur + Dance performance "REPAIR. MOOVE". 28.03.2014.Javier Lanzac-  03/25/2014
Have you some advice of visits or Art Events for me, please?Emilie C-  03/25/2014
New Workshop: Movement and Musicality with Jenn Edwards and Zane Barratt (Vancouver, Canada)KATARIINAFIN-  03/24/2014
18.3. SKULLS, TITS, BONES, SWORDS - Ville-Veikko ViikiläJukka Hyytiäinen-  03/15/2014
When is the best time to see the cultural life in Berlin?maniou75-  03/10/2014
Will be in Berlin April 9th through 11th for the Adobe Event!Kenn Shinabery-  03/10/2014
need info about ecotourismDaria Paklina-  03/09/2014
Lecture, discussion, “Ökologischer Fußabdruck durch Haben-Sein” (“Ecological Footprint by Having-being.”) In the context of SEIN DURCH HABEN exhibitionJavier Lanzac-  03/06/2014
what is there to do from 29 may till 1 june?Ellen Buggenhout-  03/04/2014
Project photographyOdeta Catana-  03/02/2014
4.3. Exhibition opening @ Galerie Pleiku (Prenzlauer Berg)Jukka Hyytiäinen-  03/01/2014
Today: Mask Project BerlinAleksandr Zuravliov-  03/01/2014
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