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This group will combine information about all art related events in Berlin. This will be especially true for anythign around contemporary art events, art museums, galleries etc. Also it's supposed to connect art-interested Berliners and travellers. Please feel free to join and enjoy the largest art scene in Europe with right now 650+ galleries and art projects, many good museums and interesting people.

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KOOLKARMA KOOLKARMA moderator 11/03/2008
arstenarsten artartartartartartarstenartartartartartart 02/06/2013
LenaLuggageLenaLuggage So many events & art lovers in Berlin! 05/14/2013
margarita_sophiamargarita_sophia 04/14/2014
M_O_N_I_Q_U_I_T_AM_O_N_I_Q_U_I_T_A 03/14/2013
StefkaninchenStefkaninchen i`m interested to looking for and make art 11/07/2012
ALILEOALILEO Love art Love Berlin love art in Berlin 04/14/2014


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Looking for some gigs on 19 or 20 of DecemberMaciej Sacha-  12/16/2013
Conceptual artist websitePanos Antonopoulos1  12/13/2013
english poetry slamTatiana D-  12/08/2013
VERNISSAGE 3.12. Emma Peura - Intuition, secrecy, hidden feelings.Jukka Hyytiäinen-  12/01/2013
illustrator wandering aboutHenrik Kublick-  11/19/2013
Vernissage 19.11. IF AND ONLY IF - MAIJA LAURINENJukka Hyytiäinen-  11/16/2013
Kaligram still in process... DO YOU still WANT TO TAKE PART IN A PIECE OF ART? (for the coming exhibition GIft as a Problem)Javier Lanzac-  11/15/2013
Vernissage: 5.11. POET. SAINT. NOBLE. MAID. – Jaana RannikkoJukka Hyytiäinen-  11/02/2013
looking for photo models in Berlin!Alina Noir-  10/26/2013
Urbanism Project - Exploration, Gardening, Art, Music etcDarrynsquishfoto-  10/23/2013
Vernissage 22.10. "The vanishing and the beautiful"Jukka Hyytiäinen-  10/22/2013
DO YOU WANT TO TAKE PART IN A PIECE OF ART? All you need is at least 5 minutes and some whishesJavier Lanzac1  10/16/2013
Achtung! Artists: OPEN CALL for WORKS: The Gift as a Problem (Exhibition)Javier Lanzac-  10/11/2013
Vernissage: REMOVAL - Jenny SuhonenJukka Hyytiäinen-  10/06/2013
Film shoot !PHILINBERLIN-  10/01/2013
Vernissage 24.9. USELESS INFORMATION - drawings by Reijo KärkkäinenJukka Hyytiäinen-  09/22/2013
Host a House Concert Nov 18-23?Josh Harty-  09/10/2013
In Berlin from September 15th to September 19thMoonyZ Manson Farmer-  09/04/2013
Vernissage 20.8. Niina Vatanen - Cloud Hunter’s EyesJukka Hyytiäinen-  08/18/2013
Vernissage 6.8. OUT OF HARMʼS WAY – drawings by Eeva HonkanenJukka Hyytiäinen-  08/06/2013
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