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This group will combine information about all art related events in Berlin. This will be especially true for anythign around contemporary art events, art museums, galleries etc. Also it's supposed to connect art-interested Berliners and travellers. Please feel free to join and enjoy the largest art scene in Europe with right now 650+ galleries and art projects, many good museums and interesting people.

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KOOLKARMA KOOLKARMA moderator 11/03/2008
arstenarsten artartartartartartarstenartartartartartart 02/06/2013
LenaLuggageLenaLuggage So many events & art lovers in Berlin! 05/14/2013
margarita_sophiamargarita_sophia 04/14/2014
M_O_N_I_Q_U_I_T_AM_O_N_I_Q_U_I_T_A 03/14/2013
StefkaninchenStefkaninchen i`m interested to looking for and make art 11/07/2012
ALILEOALILEO Love art Love Berlin love art in Berlin 04/14/2014


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Opening Party: ROSE GARDEN - Virpi Vesanen-LaukkanenJukka Hyytiäinen-  04/27/2013
any event to not miss on May ??Skander Mzah-  04/26/2013
Want to stay with artsy Berliners!Catherine Beaudoin-  04/24/2013
9.4. Exhibition opening party @ Galerie PleikuJukka Hyytiäinen-  04/07/2013
Orchestra Elastique - Live In BerlinEmmanuel Pidré-  03/30/2013
Underground Kino & Party : Subkultur / Berlin 80 - BAR - 29✚30 MarchJulien Saumande-  03/26/2013
Kunst gegen BaresAljOshAmusic-  03/19/2013
Long Night of MuseumsStefan.Andreas-  03/16/2013
Looking for musicians & artists to perform on our Earth Hour event..Willem Hegen-  03/11/2013
Vernissage 26.2. 19-21 @Galerie PleikuJukka Hyytiäinen-  02/24/2013
Awesome Freedom and Art Workshop #1Brossaden-  02/21/2013
Workshop - "Universitary Forró" Lets dance! Brazilian Sensual dance!Ricardo Ferreira4  02/21/2013
Photography SurfingStefan.Andreas-  02/19/2013
Butoh Dance Night: Revolt of the flesh!Mag Che-  02/14/2013
LOSLOPEZ LIVE IN BERLIN! from Italy - 15/2 and 16/2Sari Paumgardhen-  02/13/2013
Berlinale. Selling 1 ticket - Tuesday 12th 3pm.Carlo C-  02/10/2013
MOCT (the bridge) Dance movie screening 16 FebMag Che-  02/10/2013
Exhibition opening: 11.2. Horizon-Jouko PullinenJukka Hyytiäinen-  02/10/2013
Dont Ask Why Opening at Okazi Gallery this Firday, 7 to 10pmLeah Gold4  02/08/2013
Brecht geburstagPHICHITANKA3  02/02/2013