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This group will combine information about all art related events in Berlin. This will be especially true for anythign around contemporary art events, art museums, galleries etc. Also it's supposed to connect art-interested Berliners and travellers. Please feel free to join and enjoy the largest art scene in Europe with right now 650+ galleries and art projects, many good museums and interesting people.

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KOOLKARMA KOOLKARMA moderator 11/03/2008
arstenarsten artartartartartartarstenartartartartartart 02/06/2013
LenaLuggageLenaLuggage So many events & art lovers in Berlin! 05/14/2013
margarita_sophiamargarita_sophia 04/14/2014
M_O_N_I_Q_U_I_T_AM_O_N_I_Q_U_I_T_A 03/14/2013
StefkaninchenStefkaninchen i`m interested to looking for and make art 11/07/2012
ALILEOALILEO Love art Love Berlin love art in Berlin 04/14/2014


Group Posts

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Make up artist neededAlma Edelstein-  09/08/2012
Anything artsy going on???Mattias Nielssen-  08/28/2012
Who can host me from 17 till 20 september?Feline-minne-  08/19/2012
Improvisationskonzert am heutigen Freitag in NeuköllnFlorian Betz-  08/09/2012
Graphic design and drawing lessonsCORAIL-CORAL1  08/04/2012
Contemporary dance! suggestions?Luiz Keppe Nogueira6  07/24/2012
Workshop of creativity based in art, joy and pleasurePaula Ducatenzeiler-  07/24/2012
Looking for art courses/workshops August-SeptemberPatrick Atkins-  07/18/2012
15/07 Contemporary dance workshop for beginnersAlma Edelstein-  07/13/2012
FieldTrips - a Bike ride with spontaneous lectures and eventsYELLOW1  07/13/2012
Opening of my first exhibition in Berlin!Mariana Moreira-  07/13/2012
room for photo/film shootsElvira Bukowski-  07/08/2012
Make a performance here in Berlin. I'm a performing dance who wants to cohoperate with artist here, create a bridge with Italy.Elisa Spagone-  07/03/2012
Study art in berlin please helpGennaro Nesso1  06/28/2012
Circus Show and Good cheap Food!Mantega Isernhagen-  06/26/2012
Staying in Berlin June 20th to 28th, Looking to discover and connect.Sheldon Lawlor-  06/19/2012
FILM SCREENING IN YOUR CITY! Underground Independent Movies From PolandArczi Prus-  06/11/2012
Couchsurfing Life Drawing/Art event, Thursday May 17! (duo M-F)Anastis-  05/15/2012
Good visual art venues/shows in Berlin to see for Dutch art journalistMarianne van Dijk-  04/19/2012