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Barcelona musicians!


If you are a musician and want to meet other people who play an instrument or sing, this group is for you! Here we have a platform to exchange news and ideas about gigs, concerts and jam sessions. Also, if you are interested in learning something new and music is your choice, join the group and find a teacher! You want to buy or sell an instrument? Join the group! You want to perform your own work, exchange lyrics, get some new inspiration from others? This is the group for you! :)

We currently have no regular meeting. Please suggest something in the group if you want to have one! The previous one every other Monday got cancelled as less and less people showed up.

There are currently no concrete plans for a jam session but keep tuned.

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Rafa DujarricRafa Dujarric moderator music is my addiction... well, one of them 11/13/2008
Gastón GonzálezGastón González moderator Music is an important part of my life 10/12/2010
Albert VidanyaAlbert Vidanya music is the answer 03/10/2014
Kat BastamowKat Bastamow ... 04/23/2011
Jose Ignacio DorregoJose Ignacio Dorrego Rock'n Rollnenenene 06/02/2010
joan Birulesjoan Birules bcn musician 12/21/2012
Georgiana EmGeorgiana Em looking for likeminded musicians 04/19/2014
kerstin Kleberkerstin Kleber My son is an active musician and we love barcelona! 11/06/2011


Barcelona Guitar Players / Students2016

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Flagged postsModerator 2  07/08/2012
Take a listen to our Band "Cristal"Gema Ramos Nogueira-  05/05/2013
Traveling American Bassist in town Late April to Mid JuneDaniel Immel6  04/25/2013
Acuistic guitar with case 40eDonatas J-  04/19/2013
Looking for a guitar!Javier Hernandez2  04/19/2013
Looking for singer!Gemma Ullastres4  04/15/2013
Looking for a METRONOMEStefano Yes-  04/09/2013
groovy acustic free concertAdi Mahler-  04/02/2013
2 musicians from Paris who'd be delighted to jam in Barcelona!Omar BENDJELLOUN TOUIMI1  03/05/2013
un violinista buscando jam sessions y tal vez una hospedajeBASTILLON-  03/04/2013
MAKE SOME MUSICVictor Leiro5  03/03/2013
Accordeon and / or Guitar lessons wanted !MINOUSCH1  02/26/2013
Learning to singDante Sollini4  02/25/2013
musicosdiego Arroyo-  02/25/2013
Looking for a piano/keyboard/epianoBIBLIOPHILA-  02/23/2013
need to play percussion but no instrument available =CJavier Hernandez-  02/22/2013
CONCERT IN RAZZ 3 OF MY BAND FALLEN HEARTS :)Esteban Cruz-  02/19/2013
Second hand Market, live music (+ Open Mic), bbq...Harry Yeates-  02/13/2013
Musicians Wanted for Surf Festival in Asturias, Spain!Matt Kemp4  02/09/2013
looking for a flamenco guitar playerwai Cheung-  02/08/2013
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