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Vallès Occidental


As "citizen" of the Valles Occidental Area. I think not all the good stuff is in Barcelona city.
Lets organize meetings, events and moments arround Valles Occidental!

VALLES OCCIDENTAL is one of the regions of Catalonia that belongs to Barcelona area. To know more about it please check out the following webs:


Transport: (how to get there)
http://horarios.renfe.es/cer/hjcer300.jsp?NUCLEO=50 (choose where and when do you want to go)
http://www.sarfa.com/paginas/horarios.php ( bus)

Consell comarcal: http://www.ccvoc.org/ccvoc2/portada/index.php

Tourism: http://www.turismevallesoccidental.org/ctvoc/portada/index.php

...and more to come.
Please contribute with info about your home Valles Occidental town, local traditions, typical partys ( Festes Majors)
Nevermind in which of the 3 oficial CS oficial lenguages you post ( Catalan, Castellano(Spanish) or English)

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GURUJIWAN GURUJIWAN moderator I created.. I guess its that the reason why XD 11/16/2008
Eloy FGEloy FG La meva terra ^^ 12/26/2012
Dídac Zoyo Segura Dídac Zoyo Segura I live there 07/29/2009
Jordi MiratsJordi Mirats 09/19/2009
Irene VallesIrene Valles Because I'm living in Vallès Occidental. It's a nice place!! 08/31/2012
Paco LagosPaco Lagos I liket it! 10/20/2011
Alberto .Alberto . 06/24/2012
Marina BlMarina Bl I live in Terrassa 03/23/2013



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