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This is not about skills nor professionalism, it's about doing what you like in the city you love... Taking photos. And share. :)

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Volker SchulzVolker Schulz moderator 11/18/2008
Don ShineDon Shine moderator 08/02/2010
Raquel CerizRaquel Ceriz photographer, maybe model 03/03/2014
David Lopez AlvarezDavid Lopez Alvarez on the way to THE CITY 04/07/2011
William Rootpeter Facebook Rootpeter WilliamWilliam Rootpeter Facebook Rootpeter William cause i care :) 04/15/2014
Roberto GarcíaRoberto García Because analog black and white is still alive !!! 11/18/2008
JessRKJessRK :) I am a photographer :) 02/01/2012
Federico AcostaFederico Acosta Love photography 03/14/2013



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Street photo walk this week?DARV8  03/24/2013
Looking for an event photographer & videographerWillem Hegen3  03/13/2013
Looking for a studio/space/light for rentsilvia Pasquetto8  03/04/2013
looking for a shooting for moneyLaimis Dugnas-  03/01/2013
Looking for smb to teach me photography?Sofia Melikova4  02/25/2013
Photography SurfingStefan.Andreas-  02/19/2013
black and white labour in neukölln.Senf Senf1  02/18/2013
Such nach Schwarz-weiss Fotographie Entwicklung Kurs!Miryam Shemwell-  02/18/2013
Suche Mamas für BuchprojektBirgit Lachmann-  02/14/2013
Internship in photo galleryRaimonda Tamuleviciute2  02/13/2013
model or assistant needed?Pierre-Luc Dubois-  02/09/2013
looking to work with local Berlin artists!Kelsi Anthony1  01/31/2013
Berlin through my lense...Alex Guerchovitch-  01/24/2013
ObamaStefan.Andreas-  01/23/2013
Searching for a girl w. tongue splitDR EUTANATOR1  01/23/2013
Photographer visit BerlinGilberto Abreu-  01/09/2013
The Year in SilhouettesStefan.Andreas-  12/27/2012
The Deserts of our Earth - Photographer Michael MartinStefan.Andreas1  12/25/2012
CouchSurfing Berlin meetingDon Shine-  12/11/2012
Suchen fur ein fotograf/ Looking for a ohotographYves K.9  12/04/2012
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