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A group for cycling enthusiasts or environmentalists - for people who chose to ride bikes for whatever reason. And Beijing is the best place in the world to do that! No matter if it is urban cycling, fixed gear, road racing, mountain biking, track cycling, riding as a hobby or as a real sport or just commuting or going to a bar.

Bikes rock!

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Created: Nov 23, 2008
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Ines BrunnInes Brunn moderator 11/23/2008
vicky Fenvicky Fen there is onething icant stop ,to travel with bicycle to the world. 02/04/2013
Dottie_C Dottie_C I like cycling, why not in Beijing?! But I need to wait until I'm here for a little visit! 02/13/2012
Joe RussellJoe Russell Moving to Beijing in March, hoping to cycle 03/09/2014
joshua Milanjoshua Milan 我计划来中国带我自行车 11/05/2013
LibrarianAbroadLibrarianAbroad I am moving there this July 03/29/2014
Sean LauSean Lau I love cycling 12/07/2010
Joey ZhouJoey Zhou I love cycling and I leave in Beijing 12/29/2010



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Poll: Around 2nd Ringalex-j-11  05/15/2013
Poll: From Beijing to Xiamen on bikejanklepacki1  05/05/2013

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我找喜欢自行车而且冒险的人joshua Milan3  12/16/2013
I am a local biker who can help foreigner buy bikes and partsXiaodong Zhang-  09/12/2013
biking in AugustSam O7  08/05/2013
biking in beijinMena Carrasco4  07/08/2013
From Beijing to Xiamen on bikeJan Klepacki-  04/28/2013
Exploring Beijing by BikeNing Ning Lui8  03/05/2013
Someone can borrow me a bike for 2 months? Or when can I buy really cheap bicycle?jacek Czisnok1  02/20/2013
New BIKE for sale - CHEAPFran Pérez -  11/30/2012
Biking this weekend to TianjinEmily Fang-  10/23/2012
Rotaract Beijing and club Biking Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser Oct 27thMena Lisa-  10/22/2012
travel around china by bike from beijing to southwest of chinaLeaf Ren-  10/07/2012
I need a bike - any suggestions?Andreas Gran4  09/18/2012
Beijing to Tianjin______looking for 1-2 people go with me!Liu Kaiying6  08/23/2012
Tomorrow in BeijingKarla Rodriguez2  08/14/2012
Cycling on Chongming Island on SundayHarry Hsiao1  07/20/2012
A couch for a cyclistHarry Hsiao1  05/30/2012
Routes near BeijingMikhail Makarenko1  05/22/2012
Looking to Explore Beijing By BikeCurtis Hartling5  05/22/2012
Where to get a bike computer in Beijing?Angie 3  04/10/2012
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