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Barcelona Spirituality


This group is for those living in the Barcelona who have experience or curiosity in spiritual practices or traditions.
Those who feel a connection with nature or other human beings or the divine, those in search of a space of silence from where to look at life with a clearer vision... Who cares if it's tree-hugging, reciting mantras, running in the rain, doing Reiki or Hatha Yoga, or reading the Vedas what you do.
The Group is for us to be in touch with each other, keep us informed with things going on in Barcelona, organise events, and whatever comes! Welcome!

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Created: Nov 25, 2008
Type: Public

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Adriana Bertran Ania Adriana Bertran Ania moderator I want to be connected to other people who are into these things 11/25/2008
Itziar EspañaItziar España I love spiritual practices 07/10/2011
Diego_rvn Diego_rvn I like natural and healthy life 10/25/2012
Baruch RubenBaruch Ruben I love natural therapiest 11/18/2013
Pavel TerentevPavel Terentev I will go to Barcelona and I’m interested in yoga, Videc knowledge, various health-improving and spiritual practices 04/09/2014
Emma  EEmma E 12/20/2013
Rebecca LemaireRebecca Lemaire 08/31/2013


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