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'' Vacation Exchange Group 'with closed pockets !


Lets make this group of Tolerant people to become an positive group/ network for all of us !

If you like tell your Tolerant friends from all over the world about this initiative .

Do you like to do Vacation Exchange
What means staying in the house/accommodation of your host/ guest longer then the usual 2 or 3 days and to get
to know your nice Host/ Guest better and
to know also the surrounding and Culture in the place where you will stay even better and to avoid that
The ''Famous Fish '' will get stinky after 2 or 3 days !?
Yes ' Then this group is the opportunity for You and me to meet positive and Tolerant people and to to share this pleasure !

Also for Handicapped people this group can be the the right spot .

Sure' Vacation Exchange means also having Social skills and staying with your host/guest and willing to participate in helping with small home works
For example cleaning dishes help with preparing food , Sharing the cost for food !
Sharing what is in my opinion nothing more then normal , This to avoid freeloading ))
In the hope that in this group members will host male and female and not just one Sex because of having sex .
To be clear for me this is such a poor reason to host the other in our group of Pleasant and Tolerant people !

Its not c.s. what counts in our group
important is each individual with her/ his own Spirit , Quality and Social Skills !

I really Hope that all of you will have an upbuilding and Pleasant time with your Host or Guest !

Also for those who like to do house sitting this group is the right spot !

Being a host or guest is Art when me and you Share !

If you need any help or information about our group
let me know with a private message or in the forum you will see also others will try to help you out .

Doei Michel

what do you think about doing a Culinary Vacation exchange vacation ?
More info ' contact me with your private message !

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CataniaCatania moderator '' Like to see that for all of us Our group will become a Wonderful reality'' !! I had some experience and can tell you it was Good ! 11/29/2008
Lena CLena C just for fun 05/25/2009
Portia GriffeyPortia Griffey Its a great idea 02/26/2011
salasnicisalasnici we could have a nice vacation 01/11/2014
Bozena K.Bozena K. sounds interesting 10/18/2013
MirrorMaskMirrorMask good idea 05/18/2011
just_simsjust_sims gozo malta 10/31/2012
WU WEIWU WEI I have a place in Paris :) 03/21/2013


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