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First let me just say that I am not here to recruit skydivers. Skydiving is a dangerous an unforgiving sport. You can be seriously injured or killed doing this. There is no such thing as a perfect pilot, parachute, or instructor. The more unfortunate news is that first time students are not exempt from accidents. While the risk is very low, the injuries and fatalities are very real and these do happen to first time jumpers.

At the same time, it is more often than not the most amazing thing a person will ever do. It can be an addicting and life changing experience. For many people including myself its been the greatest decision they will ever make.

You should probably take some time and consider if this is something for you.

Everything you need to know:

When do we leave?

Saturdays and or Sundays at 7am

How long of a drive is it?

About 2 hours

How much does it cost?

A first time tandem jump is $190

Can I breathe in freefall?

Yes, but keep your mouth shut and use your nose :)

How long is the freefall?

60 seconds.

How fast do I fall?


What if I don't pull?

Your job is to pull at 5000 feet, if you don't the instructor will do it for you. And trust me, they're used to it :)

What if the parachute doesn't work?

The instructor will do his best to save it, and cutaway and deploy the reserve canopy if unable to do so.

What if the reserve doesn't work?

The odds of a complete double malfunction without another factor preventing the reserve from deploying are close to astronomical. Unfortunately other scenarios can interfere with the backup canopy. In short, you will hit the ground faster than you want.

Is it cold up there?

Yes, about 50 degrees (f) colder than on the ground.

What should I wear?

You don't need to dress for a triathlon, but don't dress in anything you couldn't run in for a few seconds. Avoid anything with a collar.

Can I jump in the rain?

No, it will be pretty painful.

What if its cloudy?

If the plane has no visual of the dropzone no one is allowed to jump.

What if I'm too scared?

No one will ever force you to jump. From time to time people decide not to do it and ride the plane down. However once you board the plane there are no refunds.

What if I get scared and pull early?

This has happened before. It takes a long time to get down :)

What if the plane crashes?

As long as it gets to 2000 feet, you're gonna jump out of it anyway..

I don't want to jump with a guy strapped to my back, can I just jump solo?

The short answer, yes, after the standard 6-8 hours of ground training and will jump with an extra instructor. However the three tandems in the normal student progression are very helpful. This is one of the most dangerous things you will ever get yourself into, learning and safety should always be your priority.

Does the landing hurt?

If you listen to your instructor, no.

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