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A group for people who live in - or want to go to Troms County.

Group for TROMSØ City - follow this link


Pretty regularly people keep asking about the northern lights and where and when they can see it and whether they can see it when they go on their trip.

The aurora borealis is most often seen during the months of September, October, March, and April.

Please check these links for more information about when and where:

STORM.NO Pre-cast

LIVE Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)activity and forecast

When charged particles from the magnetosphere collide with atoms in the earth's upper atmosphere, they absorb extra energy that is expressed as light.

As the sun causes hydrogen and helium to fuse, protons and electrons are shot into space. Known as the solar wind, this stream of particles blows past the earth. As they blow past the earth, the earth's lines of magnetism draw the particles toward the north and south magnetic poles, where these lines converge.

When the particles arrive in the ionosphere, they collide with gas atoms and emit light. The color of light they emit depends upon the type of gas the particles collide with.

Light that is dominated by emissions from atomic oxygen causes a greenish and dark-red glow.
Blue light is a result of atomic nitrogen, while purple light is the result of molecular nitrogen.
Many other colors can also be seen.

Info about Aurora Borealis

View video of Aurora Borealis on www.visitnorway.com

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