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::Egyptian CS Language exchange Organization::
Language exchange (sometimes called Tandem language learning) is a method of language learning based on mutual language exchange between (usually two) partners. Ideally, each learner is a native speaker in the language the other wants to learn. Many language schools in the world, as well as many universities, are working with this method.

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Anoud HassanAnoud Hassan moderator IN: French, German, Italian, Hebrew / OUT: Arabic 12/08/2008
Moud EmadeMoud Emade Exchange Student 10/25/2009
Sam JacobSam Jacob IN: French, Hebrew, German, Russian, Spanish / OUT: Arabic, Sign Lang. 01/05/2009
Sasha KotykaSasha Kotyka 04/04/2011
Seif JalabySeif Jalaby Exchange Student 11/11/2010
MENASMENAS IN: German, English, Polish OUT: Arabic 03/13/2010
Sayed Elsisi 사예드 엘시시Sayed Elsisi 사예드 엘시시 12/27/2010
STOBORNESTOBORNE Exchange Student 05/26/2010


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