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[Poker is] as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you could find outside an advertising agency. ~Raymond Chandler

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Created: Dec 10, 2008
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Axel AlwersAxel Alwers I play poker since I am 14 years old and I would love to play here in Berlin as well. 07/13/2013
Augustas KligysAugustas Kligys i want to play life poker 08/09/2011
Valentina ThörnerValentina Thörner Sometimes I happen to play in Berlin. 12/30/2012
Julian StaigerJulian Staiger 07/16/2013
Piero Michelle Gavidia PanesiPiero Michelle Gavidia Panesi i like poker 07/22/2013
Lucas HaefnerLucas Haefner 02/07/2013
Edson QuirogaEdson Quiroga 11/11/2010
Danish SulemanjiDanish Sulemanji 08/01/2010


Texas Hold-em819

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Poker on weekdayDanish Sulemanji-  08/01/2010
Again back in Berlin, let's play POKER!!!!!Jezabella1  04/11/2010
EPT next week(1-7 march)AlfonsoEsPepo-  02/26/2010
Dublin Poker!---New CS group :)BELLA_BELLA 09-  12/27/2009
chips, beer, sunglases, Sundaynight 25.10 - is PokernightNorman Stange-  10/23/2009
Back in Berlin and wanna play!Jezabella-  10/14/2009
hey Poker players!AFRICAN ALIEN3  09/12/2009
Important changes...blaThomas Anders-  05/08/2009
Poker last minuteBob Swan-  04/28/2009
PokerBob Swan-  02/26/2009
Poker night this weekMichal Pasternak Bartal6  02/11/2009
Poker in casinos?Phill Huxley2  02/09/2009
The main event Texas Hold'on Winner Takes AllBob Swan1  01/30/2009
The main event Texas Hold'on Winner Takes AllBob Swan-  01/22/2009
The First CS-Poker-Tournament :)Norman Stange2  01/13/2009
Poker game on the 21thCarel Evertse-  01/12/2009
PokerBob Swan-  01/11/2009
PokerBob Swan-  01/09/2009
Who wants to gather for a game?!Jezabella-  01/07/2009
So, what about poker tonight?Jonathan Naman13  01/07/2009
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