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Real Italy, small towns and villages


This group is about small towns and villages in Italy

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Created: Dec 13, 2008
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Roberto MorantiRoberto Moranti moderator 12/13/2008
H.a.n.n.a.1H.a.n.n.a.1 04/14/2013
Pulpologists Pulpologists visiting Italy in Sept/Oct 2009 08/06/2009
Emanuele, Raine and KidsEmanuele, Raine and Kids We live in a small town in the North-Italy 01/05/2010
FRED-TOULOUSE FRED-TOULOUSE to anwer the post .. 12/20/2008


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small towns and wineriesPulpologists3  08/10/2009
hi roberto and all!FRED-TOULOUSE1  12/29/2008
evviva!!!!Paolo Magnabosco1  12/29/2008
About this sub groupRoberto Moranti-  12/13/2008