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Hi all you Tochigi CSer's! I am taking over this group in attempts to try bring it back to life! I just came here, but would love to be able to get a solid Couchsurfing group in Tochigi. So lets try!

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Megumi HanzakiMegumi Hanzaki moderator I am not from here, so I need help of Tochigi group to get to know and like this place! 12/15/2008
GAKU.HGAKU.H I'm living at Utsunomiya :D 11/26/2013
YOKO EMOTOYOKO EMOTO I grew up in Tochigi 07/12/2012
Lucky HammadLucky Hammad 09/14/2012
Fidel SuFidel Su I used to live in Tochigi-ken, Ashikaga-shi 06/26/2012
Nguyen Huu  TuanNguyen Huu Tuan I`m living Yaita 12/11/2013
Shintaro MiyataShintaro Miyata 06/23/2011


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Christmas Tochigi Monthly meet-upMasika Henry-  12/20/2010
New Years in TochigiJayson Harshbarger2  11/29/2010
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german partyElo Die-  11/11/2010
Tochigi Intl. Music Night in UtsunomiyaNate and Ai Cozzolino2  11/05/2010
Join Us ^_^Utsukushii.Go4  11/05/2010
Monthyly Tochigi/Gunma CS GatheringMasika Henry6  10/24/2010
Idea for a meet-upMasika Henry6  10/09/2010
Whats up with this group!!Masika Henry5  10/01/2010
Garlic Adventure in the Northlands?!Nate and Ai Cozzolino-  09/26/2010
AshikagaMasika Henry-  08/12/2010
What's up!?Shinya Arai1  07/28/2009
Ludovic Farewell Party(or something) on March 28th??Akiko Itabashi9  03/27/2009
New to UtsunomiyaTheodore Woo3  03/23/2009
Tochigi meetingAkiko Itabashi9  03/08/2009
Tochigi NightMegumi Hanzaki-  03/02/2009
Tochigi CS MeetingAkiko Itabashi-  03/02/2009
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