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New York City Wine Lovers


A group of people who want to discover, discuss and share his or her interest in wine. A good way to combine our interests in meeting new people from around the world while drinking wines from around the world.

The group will have meeting at various locations, for example, a wine bar, somewhere reasonably priced, with a good diverse selection, and maybe even some inexpensive meals where everyone brings his or her favorite wine and we do our own tastings.

What's your favorite wine - or is that even possible to answer?

This is a new group, so I am open to ideas about things to do.

Thanks and hope to have our first meeting sometime in January.

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Created: Dec 16, 2008
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cookiecatcookiecat moderator 12/16/2008
Johanna BrüningJohanna Brüning LOVE wine :) 05/03/2013
Will WillWill Will I LIKE WINE AND WINE DRINKERS 01/10/2013
Pierre SouthichayPierre Southichay Discover nice place to drink wine 04/27/2013
Naomi HarveyNaomi Harvey travelling to NYC for work so will have no-one to eat with! and want to make new friends 10/23/2013
Isaac PIsaac P 03/29/2014
dantang dantang 03/10/2014
James.RIzo James.RIzo I like wine and good conversation 02/16/2014