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This group is about the CS spirit in the Kosova's capital, Prishtina. You are welcome to join if you will be hosting in Prishtina, surfing in Prishtina or you're just a fan of groups or Kosova :) You're all welcome - come in ;)

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Dahlia SimanganDahlia Simangan Will stay in Prishtina for 3 weeks 03/23/2014
magda Pemagda Pe I live in Prishtina next two months. 02/04/2014
jet.planes.and.fast.trains jet.planes.and.fast.trains will be visiting Pristina! 01/16/2013
Brogan GeurtsBrogan Geurts It's Pristine! 03/19/2013
Julia.SCJulia.SC Internship in Prishtina 03/11/2014
Florim BrahimiFlorim Brahimi I live here 11/16/2013


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events in Pristina the next weekJennifer Luna Pedersen-  07/24/2013
CS Meeting between 18th to 24th of july ?FrBen D-  07/10/2013
Could you help me with a basic info which nobody knows?Burak Ceylan1  07/01/2013
Apartment/condo to rent in PristinaSofia Strive2  06/13/2013
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Balkan Meeting S2 Ep1 - SERBIAartu-  04/02/2013
Polish guy together with Romanian-Hungarian friend looking for a couch 24-25.11.2012Jakub Kaminski-  11/22/2012
12th Balkan Meeting - KOSOVOartu-  10/26/2012
from malaysia with loveMYNAMEISDJA-  10/01/2012
Pristina's art sceneNatacha Bekaert3  09/16/2012
animation festival in PejaAnna Hasenmaile-  08/24/2012
Roadtripping 11th-26th AugustXabier_G-  07/28/2012
...from Kosovo with love... - group tour of KosovoEreblir Kadriu-  07/28/2012
wants to come in kosovoGagandeep Goyal-  07/28/2012
Hang out in Prishtina on the 21st?Johanna Strömberg-  07/18/2012
meetup in PrishtinaVIDETUR2  07/10/2012
Looking for a rental motorcycleMIDDLE_OF_NOWHERE-  07/03/2012
"Green Kosovo" event at the new Unicef Innovations LabJames Michael DuPont-  12/06/2011
I have a dreamBeatrice C.-  10/28/2011
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