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Potsdam, das ist Schönheit, Vielfalt, Toleranz und Optimismus.

Potsdam, that's beauty, diversity, tolerance, and optimism.

(Matte Platzeck)

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SmallgoosieSmallgoosie curious 07/15/2013
Inga JaniulyteInga Janiulyte SOS! Could you help guys? We are two Erasmus students - Inga and Mattia (https://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=5HSIAAFKP&from_search&search_ranking_names=1) searching for last minute couch in Postdam from 17 to 22 of April! 04/14/2014
Pascal GoddemeierPascal Goddemeier Living Potsdam 04/03/2014
Christina MausChristina Maus i'm living here 12/04/2012
Tina PelzlTina Pelzl Vivo aca ahora 09/16/2013
Felix Schauppner Felix Schauppner just moved to potsdam 04/09/2014
Steffen HäußlerSteffen Häußler want to host 02/02/2014
Adam IdoineAdam Idoine Live here 12/19/2010


Potsdam Emergency or last minute Couch Search6481
Potsdam sports106


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Poll: CS Meeting on the 16thIntjy1  01/17/2013

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Safari supper "Auf Haxe" am 26.10.13Jana Schulze1  10/14/2013
Dutch books to give awayKenny Billiau-  10/14/2013
Retro ladies musicians searching for advice in Potsdam!Giedrė Nalivaikaitė2  10/11/2013
Volkspark Meetup for Tourism GermanyMike Corey5  09/19/2013
Moving to Potsdam !! Looking for flat!Daniel Lads-  09/17/2013
Making a movie for Germany TourismMike Corey9  09/05/2013
Meeting in Potsdam today sunday 18th?Víctor Serrato1  08/18/2013
Up for Playing beach volleyball in Potsdam-Golm?Erik Moving To BeWelcome.org-  08/18/2013
Групп для всех которые любят русский язык!Johannes Roeder4  08/14/2013
Looking for place to sleep 13-15th August (2 nights)Emiel ten Buren1  08/12/2013
Looking for a room at the End of September.aennna 2  08/09/2013
Help to move a closet?------ Lisa ------1  08/09/2013
Looking for a new roomate from 01.09 in Potsdam! :) (only 243 euros per month!!!)Carolina Rojas-  08/06/2013
Ich suche ein Editor!Caleb Shoop-  08/04/2013
travelPeter F. Domela Nieuwenhuis2  07/31/2013
Tier-/Totalbefreiungskongress (TBK) 2013 im freiLand PotsdamJörg Hartmann-  07/31/2013
emergency couch (:Laura Tradii-  07/31/2013
room for rent in lovely BabelsbergLADY_JENNA-  07/24/2013
Anybody be my kind host?Jina Kim1  07/22/2013
Rooms for rent from August/September!Intjy-  07/16/2013
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