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Housing in Japan


Anyone who wants to live in Tokyo!

Share your information for Japanese apartment, shared room, guest house are available in Tokyo.

Ask people who have already lived about questions whatever you wanna ask and answer them if you can.

Also, need your info comes from what you've experienced...

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Michael GyapongMichael Gyapong I want to Live in Japan and I dont know where to start. 08/31/2012
TaisecarvalhoTaisecarvalho i have room for rent 05/20/2011
Ricardo VenturaRicardo Ventura 02/18/2014
Dave HirshDave Hirsh 10/24/2013
Ingvild Ulven Østbø Ingvild Ulven Østbø I need a place in Tokyo! 02/24/2014
Nikki CrawleyNikki Crawley To learn more information on Housing in Japn 03/29/2014
Liina KuusikLiina Kuusik I can help you with room/apartment search. Perhaps even with some getting around in Japan questions. 12/09/2013
Tobia DhalgrenTobia Dhalgren 03/05/2014


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Curiosity about JapanWalter e Bruna Yousseph-  02/18/2013
Room available in shijuku area **Cheap**Taisecarvalho3  02/13/2013
Looking for Room in Tokyo:Now until MarchJeremy Lum-  01/24/2013
HousingSamia Boulahnane-  12/04/2012
Great Location Waseda/Tokyo ***54 000 yen monthly***Taisecarvalho-  11/19/2012
Hi Looking for private room for long term?!tokyo Shinjuku-  11/01/2012
Tips on where to stay for 1 month in TokyoAswin van Opstal-  10/24/2012
Around the World in 80 Months & 10 Languages... ♫Próxima Estación♫: Japan! ツÐã♥ìɖ ☯ ℱЯ犬ÑÇع ☺ Ωびगםö 1  10/05/2012
Room available 55,000 yen/great location/Nakano sakaue StationTaisecarvalho-  09/26/2012
6 - 14 Nov to JAPANdeva Lusiana-  09/03/2012
Great opportunity for international people (SHINJUKU)Taisecarvalho-  08/29/2012
Looking for sharemates at KoenjiLIé SASAKI-  06/28/2012
** share your room with your friend monthly Rent 40 000, great location**Taisecarvalho-  06/21/2012
1 room 40,000yen in Higashimurayamamiho Okita2  06/14/2012
Mexican/American looking for a couch in mid-November.Kevin Ramirez-  06/13/2012
French guy looking for a place to rent for July in central Tokyo : )Guillaume Carré-  06/06/2012
Looking for room/apartment share in KYOTOAlexandra De Leon-  05/18/2012
Looking for a Architect for my new apartment (get to JP few weeks)Athena Teh-  04/26/2012
I need some tips about working and living in TokyoDominika Baran2  03/30/2012
B&B Bed and Breakfast in TokyoTaisecarvalho1  03/21/2012
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