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Sachsen, Heimat des HC, Land der Erfinder. Was hier nicht herkommt... Mundwasser, Christstollen, Kleinbildkameras...

Saxony, home country of HC... even the camera was invented here...


To explore Saxony and its cities virtually before you come here, please check out our Google Map by clicking on the picture:
Google Maps for CSers
We invite you add places you liked into the map and provide further information on places which already are in the map.

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Kristin RoscherKristin Roscher because I call it home even if traveling around the world 03/01/2014
Eszter FEszter F I living at the moment in Sachsen 07/10/2012
Franziska Zoennchen Franziska Zoennchen Living in Sachsen :-) 02/02/2011
Viktor Fährmann Viktor Fährmann Ich bin ein alter Sachse ... 05/06/2009
Wida WidiatyWida Widiaty here for couple months 01/14/2014
BERT85 BERT85 It's my first group...maybe it's needful to have one. 08/06/2008


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Freiberg and its University TU Bergakademie Freiberg113222

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